About the Photographs

All photographs on the blog are my own.  The copyright is owned by John Richmond / www.tibouchinapublishing.co.uk and all rights are reserved.  If you are interested in using a photo please contact me at info@tibouchinapublishing.co.uk.  For commercial usage licensing fees are available on request. 

My current camera is a 24Mp Canon 80D DSLR.  All photos on the site were taken with this camera or my previous 18 Mp Canon 600D, 10Mp Canon 400D or 6Mp Canon 300D DSLR, mostly using Tokina 12-24mm, Canon 28mm, Canon 50m macro, Tamron 90mm and Sigma 180mm macro lenses.  Shooting is in RAW format for maximum quality and images are then processed using Digital Photo Professional and Adobe Lightroom before resizing for web use.  Most photos are uncropped during processing and can thus be supplied in sizes up to the native resolution of the cameras.

Only a small number of my photos appear on this blog or my companion photography blog.  I enjoy plant, garden, nature, local landscape, macro and insect photography and have built up a wide selection of high quality images. An increasing number of these are now available as Rights Managed images through the Alamy Stock Agency.  Feel free to contact me if you are looking for a specific shot or subject within these areas.  I might have what you are looking for.

John Richmond (Trainer_John)

Additional information added 15/01/2014 & 19/02/2014

Sorry about the visible watermarks that will be appearing on all posts from this date onwards.

/Rant begins

It has been necessary due to the continued theft of images by larger, commercial, for profit, websites who steal without payment or credit and then expect to get away with their copyright infringement simply by taking the images down when contacted.  Unfortunately, that's no longer an option.  If you are a commercial business* you will be invoiced at the same rate as if you had licensed any of my images currently available through Alamy.  Plus damages.  Plus my lawyer's fees.  Plus expenses.

Which all sounds very threatening.  It's meant to be.  Sorry, but stealing my images to increase your profits means you have lost the right to negotiate on price - and, trust me, it's far cheaper to settle quickly before my lawyers get involved.  And, whatever you do, don't think you can hide a copyright infringement by stripping the embedded metadata or removing my copyright notice.  That's a whole new offence and will cost even more.

Rant over/

*Hobbyist, enthusiast bloggers are not businesses.  I can generally provide limited permission for fully credited image use providing I'm asked.  Tiny, specialist nurseries deserve every support they can get and will always get highly preferential rates.  In fact, if there are any in Devon or Cornwall who would be interested in exchanging photographic access to the nursery for high quality images for use in your advertising please let me know on the above email address.