Friday, December 31, 2010

A new beginning

In 1997 I set up John & Maria's Garden Pages on my Virgin net web space.  It ran for a number of years before sinking slowly into the sands.  Basically, I ran out of available time - but not out of ideas.  Finally, on the thirteenth anniversary (I am not superstitious in any way) of it's founding I'm reviving the name and starting again.  But I won't just be writing about gardening.  My interests go far wider.  Natural history - I trained as an ecologist many a long year ago - photography, dogs, training, travel, the state of the world - all will be grist to this particular mill.  I will, eventually, also link to three further sites. One will contain my articles and, in the course of time, ebooks for download.  One will be a link to my company site where I'll be advertising my services as an IT training provider in South west England.  One will link to my daughter's jewelry site.  

In short, you can expect comments on almost anything that takes my fancy.  All illustrated with my own photos.  Which are, of course, available for licensing.  So, let's add one to this first posting.

Helleborus orientalis, photographed in my garden a few years ago.

PS - Sorry about the copyright notices on my photos.  But I've had my stuff stolen before so I have to take precautions.