Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day January 2014

About time I started blogging again and what better way to return than another 15th of the month Garden Blogger's Blooms Day.

It's bleak midwinter here in Plymouth.  Cool, wet and, occasionally icy.  No snow but we'll probably get some before winter's passage.  I just hope it doesn't go on as long as last year.

So, very little in flower, but what there is is interesting.  Starting with my Camellia sasanqua on the shed wall:

Camellia sasanqua combined with Clematis cirrhosa 'Freckles' on the shed wall
It's flowered well this winter, starting in late November, peaking in December and with buds still opening.  Intertwined is Clematis cirrhosa 'Freckles'.  This photo was actually taken late last year but the effect is still the same.  Oddly, none of my other camellias are showing anything but tight buds.  Maybe they know something about the coming weather that I don't.

Meanwhile, on the windowsill in Maria's workroom - she and the younger daughter make custom designed jewellery ( ) - Alocasia x calidora, a large leaved arum that I use for exotic interest in the summer garden, flowered to produce a pair of typical arum spathes.  This has lasted till today.

Alocasia x calidora flower spathe
Iris unguicularis  has been flowering on and off for a few weeks now.  The clump usually looks very untidy by this time of year - I needed to strip it before I could get a shot - but the flowers are fresh and bright and a welcome mid winter sight.

Iris unguicularis
Finally, winter jasmine, Jasminium nudiflorum, is still bravely putting on a winter show under the living room window.  I think it's probably hardier than I am.

Winter jasmine, Jasminium nudiflorum
As always, click the pictures to embiggen.

As ever, my thanks to May Dreams Gardens for hosting the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day meme.  Head over there to see what's flowering in many more gardens round the world. 


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  1. Very pretty!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  2. Love the Camellia and Clematis combination. The Alocasia spathe is such a fascinating thing isn't it? Lovely blooms today.

  3. I love your winter jasmine! I'm planning my gardens at my new home, and the best part of bloom day is discovering new plants, especially the ones that bloom in the winter.

    Good luck with your photo copyright issues. You deserve to be compensated!!

    1. Thanks. It is a lovely winter flower. Mine's trained against a wall but it's at it's best cascading down a bank if you have enough space.

  4. Love your Camellia sasanqua, every time I see one in flower it reminds me that I really want one myself! My camellia, which is a huge tree kept in shape by pruning, flowers quite late in the spring, a camellia flowering from November would be great.

    Interesting to hear about your copyright pledge, have you actually sued anyone yet? And…have you managed to get anyone to pay up? I have emailed a few companies that have pinched my photos but never got any reply, all I have asked for is for them to take down my photos, never happened. I have kind of resigned regarding this issue. Can’t really be bothered, I spent so much time being upset, angry and frustrated about my photos being stolen and then I realised it was all in vain so now I just accept it as part of having my photos online. But it would be interesting to hear your experience.

    1. Thanks Helene

      The camellia has flowered well this year - though still not with the freedom of its x williamsii cousins. It really needs a hotter climate than Plymouth - you might do well in London.

      Copyright infringement: Watch this space! Can't say any more at the moment.

  5. I hope you don't mind me Pinning this photo, I have a sunny south-west facing corner where I would like to recreate this combination