Thursday, March 29, 2012

How brief the blossom

I love magnolias.  Descended from one of the earliest types of flowering plants their giant blooms are very primitive biologically but gorgeous aesthetically.  In a small garden I only have room for one, a hybrid called 'Raspberry Ice'.  After a dozen years (and one move which set it back for a while) it's now about 12ft / 4 metres high and carrying ever greater quantities of flowers for it's brief spring blooming.  It started in flower late last week, was at it's best Monday and Tuesday of this week but the flowers are now shattering, accelerated in their decline by some unusually warm weather and a persistent wind. 

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Just a few days beauty - but worth it.

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  1. It still never fails to amaze me how something so primitive can produce such spectacular blooms in the springs. Magnolias are the queen of spring flowering trees!