Saturday, January 1, 2011

Noticing the little things

One of the joys of working in the South West peninsula is the chance to walk out of whichever office I'm working in (I move around a lot) and do a little nature photography during whatever lunchtime I can snatch.  I photographed these lichens on an old gatepost when down near Bodmin in Cornwall.  The predominant one is Parmelia caperata, whose flat fronds are starting to engulf the wood of the gate, but there are also a number of little tufts of the more frondose Ramalina farinacea.  I enjoy photographing these miniature slices of natural life.

These were handheld shots using the Canon 55-250mm IS lens on my Canon 400D.  I'll take my tripod and macro lens next time I'm in the area to get a slightly better resolution.  Having said that it's not too bad - especially in the full sized version.

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